Remember when...? Picture

...stories where just stories?

Ulfurhunn has fallen into a quest far bigger than he ever imagined, and now it suddenly seems that those legends and myths he always lived by are not actually that mythological after all.

Fenrir is Ulfur's father, yet Ulfur never even knew that such legends of the gods and the giants even existed, let alone the part where he is actually intertwined within them. Learning that he is a flesh and blood relative to the great wolf Fenrir will be quite a shock.

WOW, this picture is a typical example of how a shitty sketch will ALWAYS end up as a shitty picture. Ah well, despite the actual picture, i must say i'm pleased with the background.

Fenrir is definately my fav part of this. His face reminds me of Zira from the second lion king.

Ulfur belongs to me, Fenrir belongs to scandinavia.
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