Kappa Karma Comic Picture

This is a one page comic that I did for my Intro to Sequential class. We had to do a one page story with the theme "Cryptozoology" I only recently realized that the theme accually means mythological animals that scientists are accually trying to prove exists. I thought it was just mythological animals Anyhoo, this comic is concentrating on the part of the Kappa myth that claims the Kappa has a bowl of water on it's head (in indentation that looks like a bowl) and to weaken it you must get the water out it's bowl. The best way to do this is give the Kappa very low bow, and he will be inclinded to bow back, therefor emptying his bowl, and weakening it. Also, it is apparently a fan of sumo and will challenge random travelers it encounters. This girl knew that.
materials: various Sakura/Faber-Castel/Staedtler pigment liners. I had to keep the lines thick so it could be shrunken down to printing size.
no critisisms please, as this projects is done and will not be re-done.
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