The Princess and the Peony Picture

This is my early entry for the 2012 mascot contest for Anime Banzai. After my failure to win for the 2011 contest, I wanted to do my hardest to win this time around.

From the theme of Japanese Mythology, I decided to play with the myth of the Peony Princess (or Princess Peony, depending where the story is hosted.) I chose the climactic scene of the story where Princess Aya (Sai) first encounters a mysterious samurai (Ban), who saves her from falling into a pond. The samurai turns out to be a peony spirit, who the princess falls in love with. Depending where you read it, the story is either a tragic romance or a celebatory one. I hope it caters to bishie fangirls at the con, because who wouldnt want to be caught in the arms of a beautiful spirit? XP

Oh and I tossed in a little hint about the legend based on the Kanji on Sai's hair-orb-thing. That's the kanji for peony. hurr hurr I'm a clever one!

You can read the full legend here: [link]

I know Ban's eyes look kinda screwy, but its because I was trying to make him look just a bit different than human, cuz he isnt
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