Spartan Files : Neo Pandora Picture

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The Pandora project was originally a way Atlanteans could mate with humans, because of our long lifespans and physiology a normal Atlantean woman menstration cycle was 4-5 years and once there were no more ova...

The Pandora machine allowed humans to birth children that would possess abilities far faster than normal yet their lifespans were only double that of regular human. Known throughout mythology as demi gods, these beings were often champions of the human race.

The machine would make human females unable to resist any atlantean, unfortunately a group of women became jealous and destroyed the machines releasing hundreds of years of research done by all the houses, but a strange side effect occurred. In the myth hope was left in the box, in reality hope was released out in the world causing the Pandora effect in random women, but it had a cost, the women would die after giving birth to their hybrid child.

Elizabeth Simon and Xien Mora are the first known women that have had children and lived. Ms. Simon has only had one and Xien has had more than she cares to share with the rest of us. Ms. Simon appears to be a demi and Xien the child of one, two other first because no one that has shared our blood has ever been a Pandora.

These women's bodies have changed as a result of this process. Ms. Simon seems to have enhanced senses and Xien has been quite cryptic (again) on what changes have occurred within her.

Both serve as adminstrative and training staff to my team, Ms. Simon on occasion likes to accompany her son on difficult missions and Xien seems quite content to support the team from the base.

Two very different woman with a lot of similarities, one day they are the best of friends, the next they seem to be at each other's throats. I'm not sure if it's because of what they are...or if that's how all women get. Yes, I'm thousands of years old and still have no greater understanding of females than I did when I was a boy.
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