Lost, Forgotten Picture

Do not steal! I have allowed download because I want to show the details, this is not for free use or stock!

The ice is thin
Come on dive in
Underneath my lucid skin
The cold... is lost, forgotten

Hours pass, days pass
Time stood still
Light gets dark and darkness fills
My secret heart, forbidden...

The only comfort is the moving of the river
Ice by Sarah McLachlan


Anyway, spent ages doing this, and for once, I'm actually happy with it (mostly). Meet the Kelpie; a mythological creature of the deep from Celtic folklore. I just love these guys, and this was partly made as a character concept.

Kelpies weren't nice little water creatures: they were thought to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland, and been the origin of the Loch Ness Monster myth. Pretty cool stuff! There's a few different versions of the lore, but in general they tend to tempt unknowing strangers into their trust before drowning and devouring them. Yum
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