Fuhrer Cain Picture

By the way. the Nazis in Lala land deny the exsistance of the Holocaust , Hitler & WW2 because there not OUR Nazis. my Nazis are based off the Atlantis Myth. in Lala land thats where they descended from. in my stories I wrote when i was a kid Atlantis use to be a facists right wing Govern. there not W2 Nazis

there just based off the Nazi myth.

the Swastika that Hitler Had actually mean White Pride.

the Hindu swastika means Harmony peace & Prosparity

Popular Childhood Mythology from the 20th century

the Atlantic myth in his mythical continent of Hyperbora , a reference to Greek Myths featuring a Northern European region of the same name, home to a giant, godlike race.

Following the ideas of Gobineau and others, the Nazi theorist Rosenburg determined that these people, who, he claimed, were originally from Atlantis , were a dynamicWarrior-people who dwelt in Phrestoric times in northern climates on the North German Plain , from which they migrated riding their Chariots southeast, eventually reaching Ukraine & then India they were suppose to be the ancestors of the Ancestors of the gemanic tribes whom shared same warrior values.

Their ideology came from the 1871 book "The Coming Race". They believed other races were like lower casts in the Hindu Cycle of Samsara. They were trying to exterminate the lower casts and breed the pure people. That way all could be equal when reincarnated. They were a crazy cult and slaughtered a lot of people.

Lala Land Legends History. Lala land fictional stories from the 90s I wrote

In lala Land Atlantis was one of the Most powerful empires Among the other Gods. before the war amonst the Gods & others Lala land was inhabited by different Gods whom ruled over different Kingdoms. Damien & Cain come from Fairytopia. the kingdom there parents ruled. Poseidon was the God King of the Mermaids that lived in the oceans of Lala land. Aquatica. which is now Princess Ursulas Kingdom

Atlantis in lala Land was ruled By one of the Gods of Lala land he was a griffin leader. whom watched over the aryan race The Nazis that Live in Lala Land & the Ones that now resighn in Prince Cains Army are all decens from Atlantis which was destroyed in the war. & still remains at the bottom of the oceans of the Mythical lands. Banzai & Cecelia are decents from Atlantis. It was quite an extreme right winged govern before the war

when I was in Kindergarten still learning to talk I always called Atlantis Nazi-Land cause I couldn't say Atlantis quite yet.

After the war Damien Cain Sage Daffodil & Ivan were the remaining Gods left. the others were wiped off after the war thes including Damien & cains parents. Over 1 million years ago. Cain & Damien are immortal. they have lived a very long life & have seen alot of things before them

Before the war all races lived in there own lands . after Damien & Cain founded lala land. the kingdom became a home to all the different creatures living together in one kingdom. which is known as legendale. Thanks to Damiens left winged views. they live under the peace of each others company.

in one story Cain wanted to reserect Atlantis to its former Father land so that his Kermrades could live happily & freely in there own republic with him as there new Fuhrer but Damien (His brother) felt that it would divide the Kingdom they created centuries ago. & forbade it.Damien felt that it would cause problems & divide there triarchy. Cain wanted to lead his own Kingdom. away from his brother.& thought it would be a chance to start new with his wife Chilla. & planned to keep the race from becoming extinct. he plan to preserve them.

Also I thought of Cain & Chilla reserecting Atlantis I thought if there were other Kingdoms within Lala land close to legendale they could have Archery tournaments

BTW I Use all sorts of Mythology in Lala Land Not just greek. But 20th century Myths
Biblical Myths & other childhood Myhs. fairy tales etc. In The lala Land stories Atlantis use to be an Island that was destoryed in the war between the Gods & remains in ruins in the oceans of lala land

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