Galatea 2.0 Picture

From her first design from years ago, having the name of "Roboteen":…
To her recent second design for a cartoony fanart of Daft Punk, re-naming her "Galatea":…
Here comes her super new look! More fabulous than ever...

To make it clear, Galatea (that means "skin as white as milk") is the name of a character from Greek Mythology (I love mythology and legends...Specially Greek). She is actually a very beautiful marbel sculpture created by the lonely Pygmalion. She´s so beautiful and perfect he fells in love with her and wishes with all his heart to the goddess Aphrodite the chance of marrying a woman like the statue some day...Aphrodite descends to earth to take a look of the statue herself. She considers that the statue is almost as perfect and beautiful as herself, and decides to give Pygmalion the chance of finding his true love once and for all.
Pygmalion returns home, and hugs the statue as always...But she feels warm and soft. The statue turned into a real woman. The couple marries and live happily ever after.

The name fits the smexy robot I created because she has a white exterior structure, she´s beautiful aaaand has a love story based on the myth but I don´t want to get into details because I´m actually working on a comic proyect with characters and events base on mythology...Even if I´m just starting, I don´t want to spoil anything...And it´s just an idea for now.

Now that she has a brand new rocking look I´m looking foward to draw her more often...What I really want to do now is draw her once more with Daft Punk, but I don´t really know how or in what poses or anything...Any ideas? Pleeeaaaseee??!?!?! I´ll give you credit...a hug...A kiss!...But give me an idea!...I-I mean, if you don´t mind.
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