VILENOC (The Venomous Terror!) Picture

Height: 106 Meters
Length: 160 meters
Mass: 60,000 tons

Powers/Abilities: Large pincers, Armored Exoskeleton, Can Burrow Underground, Cobra tail can poison prey through venomous bite, and also can blind prey by spraying acidic venom into their eyes. Cobra tail also has an extendable neck and can tightly constrict and deeply poison an opponent by wrapping itself around the prey and digging its body's fangs into it.

Appearance: Vilenoc is a behemoth black scorpion with the ending of a long body and head of a Black King Cobra serving as the tail and stinger. The scorpion equipped with massive golden pincers, and the Cobra with sharp fangs, and crimson fangs running along both sides of its black golden scaly body and hood. The scorpion(Vile) having red eyes, while the cobra(Noc) having blue eyes.

Personality: While both prefer having their own separate ways, and usually clash from time to time, Vilenoc is a dangerous creature of sickening nature when they work together. But what makes him/them so dangerous isn't so much their toxic venom as to their unpredictable natures. VILE(Scorpion) is generally more wild and vicious, doing everything he can to tear apart his prey with his pincers, very bold, and mindlessly straightforward. NOC(Cobra) on the other hand, is calm, collective, and patient when in battle. Serving mostly as a scout for spotting openings and weaknesses through instinctive observation. Only Striking when the perfect opportunity has been given. This makes Vilenoc extremely dangerous for with the rushing might of Vile and collective calmness of Noc makes two toxic forces into an even deadlier being.

Origin: Within ancient Egyptian mythology, there remained a feared legend that was entombed away from the eyes of history. A legend of a horrible wrath that decimated numerous civilizations, causing tidal waves and plagues within its wake. A sickness that even pharaohs and their gods trembled toward: Vilenoc

It wielded the claws of rot, and the stingers of death's fangs. It could never be killed, for its blood contained incredible healing properties, making many to believe it to be immortal. And that perhaps if one were to drink of it, they too would attain immortality. Through the miracle of sacrifices, the gods had the world to swallow the plague demon whole for all eternity. While Egyptian mythology remained fictional, the destruction of man's unstable weapon tests within the ancient lands summoned the existence of Vilenoc, making the nightmare itself into a terrifying reality. Or so it would seem...

Vilenoc, despite having a mythological reception, is in fact an abomination of mad science born through the remnants of prehistoric fossils of a ancestry monster similar to the myth of it. Aided by the power of unstable nuclear tests, and DNA experiments between Egyptian scorpions and King Cobras. Thus exists the monster, Vilenoc. A creation born from the derange mind of a shunned (and expiring via cancer) scientist obsessed with the mythology of Vilenoc, and the belief of its blood being the key to immortality. His immortality. Given his near-death experience in the wake of Gormaru and other monsters, the countless deaths from their rampages and the lost of his family at their hand drove him into a twisted depression. Questioning his mortality, and the fickle biology of mankind. And given his religion in believing more than one god, the raising monsters pushed his crumbling reality to the brink of collapse.

Thanks to mankind, once more, the body count of emerging kaiju has risen within the ongoing cataclysm as The Venomous Terror rampages into the fray!

Can't have a classical monster series without a mad scientist! Even more so, can't have a classical monster series without at least a giant abomination monster born from mad science! What better way to make a monster memorable? Well adding deadly aspects to it! This makes the first arachnid monster of my series. (Well, mostly lol). This also marks the second monster within the second Gormaru Trinity! The last monster within this trinity will be a more, unique addition to the series, given the inspiration behind it.

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