Me And My Unicorn Picture

canon 10d
self portrait

ok. so. again with the broken sheets of plastic. this time 3 glued together. [2 broken in half] scratched with sandpaper and an exacto knife, edges bashed in with a wrench. used brown, gold and black paint to fill in the scratches.
metal unicorn.
part of the "myth in a whirlwind' series, only without the mask. it was making breathing an issue towards the end.
and i guess thats it. i messed with it a little, but otherwise as is.
i like them, even if no one else does. since thats the way it usually goes.

[and i know some of you hate it when i explain how i did everything, but this saves me having to answer "how did you do that?" a million times. and i really don't care if people know how.]

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