The Norsemen Picture

I've been reading up on myths of the Norsemen, and what has struck me is the lack of flare or poetic license applied to their tales.

The wealth of literature available on Greek and Roman mythology is huge, but the Norsemen are very much neglected.

Their stories are the antithesis of traditional Greek myths; the gods of Asgard, such as Odin and Thor, are not as mercurial or philandering as Zeus, Hera and the Olympians; and the sagas of Midgard all seem to end in tragedy.

The message seems to be one of the brave man struggling in vain against the powers of fate, and just accepting his lot.....the total opposite of the Hollywood version of Vikings lol!

The lives of the Norsemen are not glamourised, and they do not appear to benefit from any special powers (unlike Hercules and Achilles). They are just ordinary heroes using their skills as warriors, and showing true bravery and endurance against the hurdles life throws at them.

I have tried to keep this poem as simple as possible, and stay true to the way of life of the average norseman; bleak, harsh and a constant battle. They weren't particularly magical or as colourful as the greek heroes, but in my opinion they were a lot more relatable and their everyday struggles to survive are worthy of mention.

Enough waffle from me.... I really get into backgrounds and my comments are just getting ridiculously looooooong
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