The Last Unicorn: Molly Picture

This is a 16x20 framed digital design influenced by The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. The quote with in the poster is derived straight out of the IDW comic The Last Unicorn. The Comic adaptation is by Peter B. Gillis and art by Renae De Liz. Please note that DragonroseWorks does not claim any rights to the quote, but only the art work on the poster.

This is a design influenced by The Last Unicorn, and is a print with a floral border accompanied by a quote from the previously mentioned authors and comic book. You can find the comic at or directly at [link]

You can now purchase my prints here with out getting them warped or printed wrong! Just click here: [link]

Tags: Unicorn, the, last, peter, s, beagle, comic, vector, myth, mythology, animal, horse, magic, mare, cream, white, black, border, art, sci-fi, fantasy, modern, simple, graphic, design, type, typography, font, matte, paper, photo
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