Chimeraman at War Picture

Chimeraman revamped, ready for War. I think I have my first new "Featured Deviation" since I joined DA.

Chimeraman is a conglomeration of robots owned by Capcom. Chimeraman was originally designed by Lennon aka Geminiman of the Mechanical Maniacs. This new design is by me with some input from Lennon.

Edit: It has come to my attention that the wolf's head was always intended to be a lion's as per the Chimera myth. I've taken Greek Mythology in school and played a lot of Final Fantasy games, so you'd THINK I would remember that fact. I can't bear to replace the wolf's head after how well it came out though, so I apologize to anyone cringing at the inaccuracy. I hate being inaccurate, so I'm cringing too. At least it looks cool, either way.
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