Mither o' the Sea Picture

An uncommon myth I love is the Mither o' the Sea. She is of Orkney mythology. I've been meaning to draw her for a long time. You can read more about her here;…

The Sea Mither is the ruler of the Sea during the summer and spring, according to Orkney tradition. She binned the evil Teran, the other sea spirit, during her reign, but she became too weak by the time winter and fall came to hold Teran down any more. That's when Teran would break his chains and overthrow the Mither, but she would again regain power when spring hit.

I always loved this myth. The story is just great. I always saw Mither as more of a sea creature looking thing than a real person, and I interpreted Teran as an anglerfish thing in the background (I love anglerfish :3)

Hope you like!

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