Sudden Egyptian Relationship Picture

Another hunch to do another colored comic! Not to mention to see Sherrie the (Obnoxious, Hot-Air-Filled, and Narcissistic) Silver Cat in color for the very first time! This is also the first to see a character from a mythology outside of the United States of America, such as Egypt for instance!

Ruby happens to read to that ignorant spike-tailed feline until Sherrie got interested with Bastet (the Cat Goddess). That was then Sherrie slept into a dream when she meets that daughter of Ra, all shocked and nervous! Yet she later then felt honored and being exalted as the most sacred of all cats. While Sherrie is in her OWN world with the Egyptian mythological world, Ruby was convinced to never read anything to that cat ever again…

Note: Ever since I first learned this mythology on 7th grade, that was when I was interested and inspired to learn more mythologies, even along with the Greek mythology! From both those tales from Greece and Egypt, that’s when my interest was born! They’re quite fun to draw. Plus, I’m pretty sure that all citizens of those countries felt pretty proud of their culture and heritage!

Trivia: Can you translate those two boxes that have the hieroglyphics on it?

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Ruby the Rubberado and Sherrie Silver Cat © Josiah Shockency (JCS)

May 10th, 2014


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