Toki the Tokoloshe sketches Picture

Ok. So first off, Toki is a demon Tikoloshe ~ which I shall now explain as shortly as possibru! >3< : Tokoloshe are demons in South African mythology, some myths describe them as water sprites, others describe them as fugly, monkey-lookin dwarf men. Both however are known to: love sweets, be controlled and/or summoned by witches, can become invisible at will, disguise themselves in (usually) a male-human form, and of course they have a very large sexual appetite. PLUS in South Africa it is very important that you put your bed on bricks at night..ya the Tokoloshe doesn't sneak up on you and either (A) Eat off your fingers or (B) rape ya O.o!

-phew! and that was as short as I could make it!
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