A Gathering of Slicksters Picture

The bizarre Slicksters is another race featured in my Nira based stories, which is basically an alternate Earth where humans and the monsters of legend exist together, for better and for worse. The majority of the 'monsters' within Nira are based on those from historical fiction and mythology, but I do like throw in some original ideas and the Slicksters are among such additions.

At first believed to be some light-weight golem, Slicksters are actually artificially created beings who are more related to plants then machine, like some strange take on the Homunculus concept. They are the leading soldier force within the terrible Enshohma Submission, an evil organization that wants to control Nira and is comprised of scum and villainy from all over the map (and of course, where my namesake originated from).

The exact origins and process of creating a Slickster is totally unknown, though this has less to do with some shocking secret, then just common sense security on the Submission's part. But they always come in large numbers, are as flexible and as agile as Chinese acrobats, are swift in their attacks, and possess a mad cruelty that makes them truly despicable. In addition, their bodies are as strong, and hence as difficult to break as old-time hot water bottles, and are masters in improvised combat, using any weapon that they can get a hold of and using it deadly well, even in the wrongest of ways.

In their own right, Slicksters are smart and need to be for their trademark quickness, but can only repeat the words "What" and "Nay" over and over again, generally in that order. Slicksters are evenly matched for any one who gets in their way, but they do have difficulty with Harpies and the Tengu due to their similar speed and, at least for the Tengu race, similar madness in battle. And when enemies are too tough, some of the more talented Slicksters can don and operate steam-powered armored suits to combat these particular threats, though it does hinder their speed.

As mentioned before, Slicksters are a variation on the Homunculus myth, but they are perhaps more inspired by the 'Faceless Minions' or cannon-fodder one would find in most Japanese superhero shows, most notably Toei's Super Sentai franchise and it's US relation / spin-off Power Rangers.
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