Iku-Tiera Picture

Redundant wonky tosh is redundant. Still suffering from a major unspiration. Also those who follow my blog are probably uberly fed up with this character.

Iku-Tiera Nieranpoika was one of the Jotun giants, and a legendary Finnish king of the Finno-Scandian empire (Kvenland, Finland, Curonia, Livonia, Götaland...). The myths tell that Tiera's father Niera lived for 300 years, and that his son was much alike. Norri, one of Tiera's sons, founded Norway.
If this legend has a basis in a real person, Tiera may have been the original source for Thor. Messenius states in Scondia Illustrata that the Council of Kvenland (Kainuunmaa) decreed him a thunder-god after his death. Also, Tiera translates as Thorri to Old Norse, and he is in some sources mentioned simply as 'Thor'.

Not much is written about him, but one of the legend fragments can be found f.ex. here: [link]
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