Wind Lord Picture

I was flipping through my encyclopedia of folklore, legend, and myth by Carol Rose when I found this guy.

This is what the book said about him:

"This is the name of a celestial hybrid monster in the folklore and mythology of China. Fei Lian, who is also know as Feng Bo, which means "Wind Lord," is the controller of the the winds, which he kept in a bag and released as required. This monstrous being is described as having the head of a sparrow with bull's horns, the body and legs of a stag, but with the marking s of a leopard and the tail of a serpent. Fei Lian and Chi Song-Zi, the rain god, conspired to overthrow Fei Lian's father, the ruler Hung Di. But the coup was a disaster, and Fei Lian was exiled to a cavern high in the mountians. Even there the monster released vicious wind storms until his bag of wind was punctured by the arrows of the archer Yi. The celestial archer then hamstrung the monster and brought him to sweep the ground in parades before the chariot of his father, the king."

Tell me what you think. There will be more of these later on...
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