End Run Finale Picture

About halfway through I stopped caring about making it look good and just wanted to get it done but ahahahaOHWELL it's done, I am finally done with the ER plotline.

God Karl you need to pay more attention to the mythology of your own damn legendary.
Edit: Hahaha I really thought I was being about as subtle as a rock to the face with this. Oh weeeell. Yep, nothing to see here, HAPPY ENDINGS FOR EVERYONE AHahahaha

Personal headcannons are that the legendary birds are all different versions of the firebird myth. Since Ho oH/Moltres both have a fire bird/phoenix thing going on, why not all of them? The rest of them are just reborn in their own elements. Lugia in hurricanes, Zapdos in thunderstorms, artcuno in blizzards. So, Articuno did technically melt. It just got better. Whether they retain their memories from rebirth to rebirth and this Articuno remembers Karl, or is just showing up to fulfill the obligations of it's own mythology...eh, who knows.
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