Cloaked Critic Reviews Corpse Bride Picture


"Corpse Bride" is a stop-motion animated dark fantasy film by Tim Burton. It is a story about one of the most bizarre love triangles in modern fiction (and exceedingly better than the one in "Twilight"). In certain ways I actually consider "Corpse Bride" to be superior to Tim Burton's earlier stop-motion animated masterpiece, "The Nightmare Before Christmas". This is largely because "Corpse Bride" seems to fit more with Tim Burton's overall style. Tim Burton might arguably be considered something of a modern-day Edgar Allen Poe, and "Corpse Bride" falls more in line with the type of dark surreal fantasy which characterizes both men's work. "Corpse Bride" is a ghost story filled with love, passion, tragedy, surreality, and redemption; where as "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is really just a Christmas special...albeit a dark surreal Christmas special, but still a Christmas special.

My favorite thing about the presentation of this story is the very dynamic difference between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead, and the incredible irony that we see in that difference. The people in the Land of the Dead are far more lively and happy than the people in the Land of the Living while the people in the Land of the Living are shown to be utterly melancholy lifeless zombies who are dead on the inside in spite of having a heartbeat (just like in real life). Even when Mayhew, the Van Dort's coachman, dies we see a tremendous change in his demeanor after his death wherein he too becomes more lively and happier than when he was alive. One might actually cite this movie as being a potential source for my current and long-standing fixation with death. I kid you not; Tim Burton is at least partially responsible for turning me into "necro-fanatic" and getting me hooked on the Occult. Thanks, Tim!
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