Izanagi and Izanami Picture

Izanami and Izanagi are the creation gods of japanese mythology. They created the sky and sea with a spear, and izanami gave birth to the islands of japan. However, she died while doing this and went to the underworld. Izanami follows her there, convincing her to follow him back up to the surface of the earth, but when he finally sees her dead rotting face, he gets scared and runs. Izanami is furious at his betrayal and chases him, but he traps her in the underworld, and in her anger, she decides that everyone has to die now, so thats how death got started.

Gee, thanks Izanagi. ^ extremely condensed version of the story.

this WAS going to be my entrance to a myths and legends illustration contest, but my lazy ass never finished. I would say this is a work in progress, but not much progress is being made really so here here it is. yeah.
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