Gods of Egypt: Osiris Picture

Yet another doll from my Egyptian god series!

Osiris is the god of death and rebirth. He rules over the afterlife, but apparently also has a connection with fertility and vegetation. His myth is very interesting, I suggest you check it out if you don't know it already, but basically his brother Seth brutally murdered Osiris by drowning him in a box/by chopping his body into 14 parts, but Isis used her magic and her love to bring him back to life again for a short while, and then he became the ruler of the dead, who looks after all the souls who are worthy enough to join him in the afterlife. I tried to combine the aspects of the dead and living Osiris in this doll-I couldn't be bothered to do that crown thing he wears, but I originally made 2 dolls-one where Osiris was alive (where he looks hotttt
Base by Aurore Blackcat
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