ANGRBODA - She who brings sorrow Picture

Hi, dear watchers and watcherettes!

It's been a while since I posted anything new and with good reason; many deadlines, commisions and assorted business affairs took up all of my time until very recently. Luckily, many of those endeavors I might be able to show you, such as these made for the fine folks at Norhalla.

Continuing my illustrating the norse myths -which you've been hugely supportive of, thank you!-, it's about time we gave the dark powers some attention. I present you here with she who brings sorrow, the giantess of Jötunheimr, mother of monsters: Angrboda.
In her classical form, i should've drawn her much uglier and much larger, perhaps, being a giant and so forth. And typically associated with grief and misery, I would've explored these traits physically onto her design. However, the folks at Norhalla and I are preparing a series of illustrated graphic novels involving some of the finest norse stories, which we'll adapt to match a more 'realistic' or historically-friendly atmosphere. Thus, in this depiction I illustrated Angrboda as a terrible Queen, with great strength and power, yet miserable and bitter. The expression in her eyes and her rather hard and pitiless features convey that aspect of her as well as giving her quite an unearthly aura. A worthy mother of her nightmarish children!

As usual, I hope you like my interpretation and be on the lookout for more information regarding this fabulous project of which you can pe-order the first book at…

Hope you have a great week and thanks for watching!

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