Fakemon - Critters of gods Picture

Entry for jamieyuki ´s contest! Starting from the middle one, then left and right:

Grassborn Fakemon
Type: Grass
Ability: Clorophyl
Proficiency: Sp. Defense
Fav move: Grass Knot
These small fakemon appears mostly around tall grass. No nest of them have ever been found, and some even believe that Lushulu born spontaneously from tall grass. It is somehow afflicted by living beings, cheerful around the young and very sad around elders. Evolve at level 25 to Kuleon normally, but, if Lushulu have fainted in battle at least once, it will evolve to Kuzard instead.

Lifebringer Fakemon
Type: Grass/Psychic
Ability: Life Force - Every time the pokemon win a battle, add 1 point bonus to maximum HP. If the pokemon faints, the bonus resets.
Proficiency: Defense, Sp. Attack
Fav move: Cosmic Power
It´s said that this fakemon is so full of life, that by being near it can significantly increase one´s life span. It focuses pisychic powers with its crystaline horn.

Deathbringer Fakemon
Type: Grass/Dark
Ability: Death Force - Every time this pokemon faints, permanently increase 1 point to Attack.
Proficiency: Speed, Attack
Fav Move: Punishment
Most people avoid having this fakemon by their side, or even looking at one. It´s said that it can discount days or even years from a person´s life span by just glaring at a Kuzard. None of it has been proven, tough.

That´s it, some of the hardest characters i had to come up with, with up to three conflicting atributes: futuristc looking (mostly inspired from Deoxys), based on south african mythology, and could not be legendary. It was hell, but i think they came out decent.

They´re based on the myth of Unkulunkulu:
Unkulunkulu came to a tall grass, and from there he made men and cattle. Some time after this, he sent a chameleon to tell men that they will live forever. But the chameleon was so slow, stoping every time, that Unkulunkulu grew tired of waiting; he then sent a lizard, to tell men they will die. The lizard raced straight to them, not stoping for anything, and passed the chameleon by much. That´s how men became mortal.

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