Prometheus Picture

When it heats up it seems to me that the corvids come out in force. Looking stately in the yellow grass like they are holding court. I asked myself why such a black bird would tolerate so much heat when a few myths bubbled up from my memory.

According to Pacific Northwest Natives, Raven is a bringer of light. Clever and hansom he stole fire from heaven and brought it to men to use. In doing so he forever stained his once pure white feathers inky black.

It is in this that Raven is like Prometheus of Greek legend. Clever Prometheus ever the friend of humanity stole the fire of the gods to gift to man and in so doing was punished to have his liver eaten every day for all eternity.

These theme's recur all over mythology. Of the price of godly power and its required sacrifice. That once you know you can never go back. And that transformation is just part of a greater quest.
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