Friends Bday Painting Picture

So I got a text from a friend I grew up with (because her mom and my mom were best friends since we were little along with another woman who's kids we all hung out together with when the three matriarchs got together), saying they were having a birthday on friday. So I thought, since I often go to her house to drinks and hang out, I'd paint her something. Last year she was married to a jewish got that smoked pot a lot, and she had tons of elephants everywhere, so I did her a water color painting of a jewish elephant. This year she got divorced from him a few months back so I was at a loss of what to paint. More elephants seemed redundant (although she does have a ton of them around her house, so I guess it wouldnt be that redundant..), and I didnt have a picture of her dog, so I did some research!

She's half Indian and half Phillipino, and I did some research (I googled princess, indian princess, phillipino princess, ect) because I figured I'd draw her some decorated ethnic princess, because girls love decorated chicks and jewelry and dolphins and stuff. This was somewhat uninspiring to me, so I looked up mythology instead, and got interested in reading about the Hindu goddess Kali.

Let me tell you, Kali is freaking awesome. To the western eyes she's a dark skinned, KISS tongued, red eyed, skull wearing, insane multi armed demonic looking creature waving around swords and severed heads and wearing a skirt of hands (and after watching Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom I'd assumed thats what she was), but apparently she's beyond all that. Everything that looks demonic and evil to us has some holy, divine, divine meaning in Hindu Myth, and that complete opposite was very appealing to me. She's often depicted sticking her tongue out because of a story of her slaying a shit load of demons, and she got really into it, and the only way to stop her was having her husband lay down at her feet. When she stepped on him, I guess she kinda felt goofy and stopped, and stuck her tongue out. Her skin is dark because thats the color of the unknown, of mystery, of the sky between the stars, of the deepest ocean, and she runs around naked to show her elemental, primevil strength. Her teeth are white and sharp to show her purity. She carries a necklace of 50 skulls because each represents a letter in sanskrit alphabet, and thus, infinite knowledge. The skirt of severed hands symbolizes some kind of work ethic or some stuff, and she carries around the severed head of a demon because she's a bad ass that beats the hell out of demons literally! She's sort of beyond good and evil, a kind of mother figure. Mothers can be nurturing and kind, and they can be strict and spank the sass out of you.

SO. Yah, I thought that was so bad ass, that to us she looked so utterly opposite of what an Indian person saw when he looked at her. I wanted to do a painting that showed her strength and the wildness of her.
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