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Fucking FINALLLY able to post this bitch.

I do hope you guys enjoy it. I spent too much of my free time between work and school for you guys not to. Lord only knows what I plan to do with coloring styles and backgrounds, so bare with me while I experiment through this whole thing to see what I like, okay? Its just as much of a tool to learn as it is "I wanna get my shit out there before anyone else gets popular off of the ideas that I came up with first in a different part of the globe".

Yeah, so here's the intro. Fear not, its not actually all serious and shit. Yes the comic has an actual plot but you all know me-I'm 50% dark god knows what shit and 50% herp-a-derp so my comics can be predictably that was as well.

Okay, a few more things to cover; I'm going to apologize in advance to all of my fellow Norse Mythology spazzes out there for potentially slaughtering some myths and stories and characters. See-chances are I know that I'm doing something wrong/inacurately as portrayed by Snorri Sturleson, but I promise its for the sake of plot flow, entertainment, or I just don't fucking know how to do it correctly because I suck at drawing.

If you do doubt that I actually know what I'm doing, please fill free to correct me as far as historical accuracy, mythological fact, and other such things go, for I am a total nerd for this shit but its just really hard to find information on it. If you are going to address me on it, please do it in a polite manner... because no one wants to get bitched at by a nerd, okay??
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