Orpheus IV: Sforzando Picture

Completed: April 2004
Medium: Acrylic, collage

Fiery burgundy-haired, serpentine Hades manifests herself and stains her lips red with Eurydice’s blood. Just as a snake took Eurydice’s life with a bite to the foot in the original myth after her wedding with Orpheus, Hades plays this grim role just as soon as Orpheus finds happiness. Hades’ touch taints a deathly black to Eurydice’s dress and disintegrates the musical treble clefs.


- This print was featured in DeviantArt's 100% QC-Approved for 11/22/05! I'm so honored. - When I met Neil Gaiman at a book signing, I offered him any print from my portfolio and he chose this one. <3

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