Alfredsketchss Picture

This kid is Alfred, hes 15 years old and he has a passion for books and mythology. Loves to spend a lot of time in a library near his house, and he often buy a lot books, so he can read them in his favorite place. He has two sisters: One is 25 years old called Monica, and the other 12 years old called Dalia. His little sister likes fairy tales, so Alfred often brings book about myths and legends and gives them to her.

He doesn't talk much to his parents, because they're way too busy, and he does not talk much to his older sister, since Monica doesn't live with them; most of the time he prefers to read books to his little sister, he enjoys a lot speding time with her uvu.

Alfred is a smart kid, but he gets distracted easily by his own thoughts, causing him to not pay attention to whatever hes doing at the moment. Alfred is very stubborn when discussing or arguing with someone about his favorite subjects (about mythology or his favorites mangas, there is no in between) , his favorite animals are DOGS! specially tiny dogs uvu, favorite color is red, favorite food are hamburgers and fav sweets consist mostly of cakes and cupcakes. He is eisoptrophobic (he has a irrational fear toward reflections)

Sure i have a lot of work to do with this dork!! he's a combo with William, they're in the same storyline and such, later ill give much more details about him!
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