Spirit Picture

©2013 Cassy Blue. You may not modify, redistribute, or copy this image in anyway without my permission.

I just felt like drawing something that as Asian inspired fantastical thing. I had been doing some research for my novel on Japanese and Chinese mythology and folklore and there's some really interesting spirits. She's not based on any myths, but I personally see her as a spirit that presides over romantic relationships for some reason. I do realize the kimono is folded over wrong. By the time I figured that out, it was too late to change it ;~;. I'm pleased with how it turned out even though there are bits that bother me. But it didn't take as long as my last few digital art nouveau projects. This one took about 5 hours in all from sketch to final coloring.

And while I was coloring this, it hit me that some Art Nouveau pieces contain fractal like elements. Miiiiind blooooooown. Like this border is a pseudo apollonian gasket (when you look at the nested ones):en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apolloni… (scroll down to see the nested ones). The circular elements get progressively smaller. I'm going to have to do a piece that is more true to the apollonian gasket when I finish my next series (working on some oc portraits).


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