Loki Picture

Loki. My version is a cross between the one from the movie and the one from Mythology. His costume and basic design I just nabbed from the movie, but I'm very fond of his mythological red hair, and the myth in which his mouth is sewn closed. I can't help but imagine that he will have raw scars for the rest of his life, no matter what shape he takes.

I strongly identify with his character because of how frequently he is/was used as a scapegoat.

In the original mythology he was a trickster, but Christianity put a spin on him to make him more of a Satan type of character, so now he's thought of as a villain. I LOVED the depiction of him in the movie, and the actor made him so emotional. It was a beautiful rendition, and it really got me. I've been meaning to draw him for a while.

Also, he'd be a Slytherin, hands down.

I wanted to put a background on this, but it would have taken forever, so for now this is all I'm doing.
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