Niobe - Stone Cries Picture

'Niobe was turned into a stone after her self-torture following the death of her twelve children. From that day on, a stone in shape of a female was hung on a pond and water kept flowing through the carvings of her eyes.'

I love story-telling mythlogical art! In this one I combined this ancient Anatolian myth with a Japanese detail: In Japan, souls are said to be in form of butterflies and the twelve different butterflies symbolize each one of Niobe's children.

I stayed awake until 07:00 a.m. in order to finish this picture ~_~

0.35 mm Mechanical Pencil
0.10 mm Rotring Isograph
Blender Pen
1.00 mm White Opaque Pigment Marker
White Acrylic
Metallic Markers
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