Influence map yo Picture

ok so I caved and threw this together...why...filling up my time I guess.

Ok so I cheated on that middle square but I really couldn't think of anything else so...*runs* (said square should be bigger really)

1. Disney - One of my biggest loves in this world will always always be Disney (mostly classic but there are some good stuff now too). As far back as I can remember I would eat, sleep and breath Disney (my dad would always bring home a new video every week; daddy is the best). It's what got me into art in the first place. I'm still just a kid at heart.

2. Clamp - Clamp and I...we have a love/hate relationship...I'll leave it at that.

3. Adam Hughes! Need I say more?

4. pyawakit - her work is some of the most gorgeous stuff I have ever seen. I love her for her unique round style and her colors. THE COLORS!

5. Music! All kinds...I can't draw without music playing in the background.

6. Greek Mythology - ok this was another cop-out but I adore Greek myths, my favorite of course being Persephone. But Greek mythology has a lot of influence on my original stories (mythology in general does but mostly Greek).

7. Family, Friends, my Princess, etc. - typical cop-out Christie really but these are my biggest influences. Without them I probably wouldn't keep going down this path.

8. chira-chira - I love her work as well but most of all her facial expressions and body language. She's especially good at these and I aspire to be as expressive in my characters' body language and facial expressions (even though I fail miserably) She's also super nice and funny.

9. Naoko Takeuchi/Sailor Moon - there's really not that much I can say for this one either. It's like Disney with me. A big influence that has been for a very long time.

10. Studio Ghibli - same as above.
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