Thor and Jormungand Picture

I did this gouache painting earlier this year. In reality, it is a small image. I have not developed great control over brushes so small, thus this was very important practice for me.

It is an illustration of the Norse myth about Thor's famous fishing trip to catch the world serpent, Jormungand. I love Norse myths for many reasons including their great sense of humor.

Let me explain why I love myths so much. I have few worldly possessions, so the things that I do tend to carry are held in abstracts, words, and recollections. The greatest and most diverse archive I have to offer are the myths I have heard or read. As Joseph Campbell once explained, myths are tools that let people reflect upon themselves and the world they live in. They illustrate the idealism and values of a culture. Not only that, but myths excite inspiration and creativity, through which the substance of the soul can be illustrated. In short, myths are a beautiful tool for understanding. Like the original owners, these myths make me look at the world in awe. In the end, I experience them more than any tangible object. I have always been fascinated by how people tick. Since my family is a mix of European decedents, I have a particular attachment to myths of the same origin.
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