Oudo Rotaso WIP Species Sheets 2014 11 Picture

Behold... a group of my WIP species sheets for my (still quietly lingering in the background) fantasy group OudoRotaso, the Lotus Kingdom. I must give much love to my friend Tenshi--Hikari for the many awesome ideas. If it wasn't for her these babies may not be coming to life.

If you are interested, details I have so far for these species... from top to bottom...


The mighty brown bear kingdom are called the Bouganseki (meaning "the protective rock wall" derived from the Japanese words 'ganseki' meaning rock and 'bouheki' meaning protective wall). Their kingdom is hidden deep within the massive black mountain called Damonaichi (an alteration of the japanese word 'chimonamidamonai' meaning "heart of stone").

The Bouganseki are a very protective but playful race, roaming the great mountain side forest as their spirit animal forms most days. This race only interacts with the human villages that rest at the foot of the mountain (all sides) periodically, most often during festivals and holidays as this race loves to drink and be merry.


An ancient and royal griffin race known as the Osuamuuri (meaning "the Kings of Land & Sky" derived roughly from the Japanese words 'kuuriku' meaning land and air and 'ousama' meaning king). Even in the world of fable and fantasy is this race thought of as myth and legend... rarely seen in their true form, majestic and graceful upon among the clouds, noble and steadfast upon land.

The Osuamuuri are immortals, with great power and wisdom. They have been called 'gods' and 'goddesses' throughout the ages.


The majestic swan deities know as the Yumekani (meaning "the moonlight dreamers" derived from the Japanese words 'yume' meaning dream and 'gekkani' meaning in the moonlight) are a quiet and peaceful people. Their kingdom hidden within the mists of the grand and mysterious Lake Marikou (meaning "Moonlight (or Moonbeam) Mirror").

Tho many of their people have made their way into the human world, the hidden kingdom is still very much alive... its secrets and citizens protected by the fog/mist that will cause even tho most skilled navigator to become lost, as it hides not only the sky (making travel by star or moonlight impossible) but it also will cause any type of compass to go wild, so 'true north' can not be found.

The people of this kingdom are very skilled with their hands, excelling in trades such as jewelry making, pottery, many types of clothing and drapery weaving/sewing, and other types of delicate skills. Everything they create hold a special kind of magic... such as Antony's snowglobe which will have a building or landmark inside, if the viewer wishes they can 'see' the real destination and its in-real-time interactions. Or the jewelry could hold a memory, and when the wearer touches it the memory is shown to them like a vision. Etc.

Un-named Dragon race

No specific background created as of yet.


The deer nymphs know as the Morai (meaning "of the Divine Forrest" derived from the Japanese words 'mori' meaning forest and 'tenrai' meaning divine) have been thought to be completely extinct... but in recent days it was discovered one lone citizen (Desidero) still lived within its hidden walls. Then, soon after, it became clear the citizen of the past had fled to the human villages during the 'hunts' (a dark time for their kingdom)... and their halfbreed descendants still lived.

The Morai were known for their wide range of skills, from farming to architecture. The people were very well educated, graceful and elegant (including ALL the men), with beautiful ornate antlers. Their race was gifted with a power over either plant life or earth (like dirt and stone)... one or the other, no single Morain can control both.

CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING CHARACTERS! So, as much as I can not stop anyone from creating their own nymph, anthros and such from the general mythology I ask you to not assume any of the race names listed in the sheet. They are mine. I've spent a lot of time prepping their specs and continue to spend a lot of time. Don't be a dick. Thank you!

I am also working on an Owl race, Raven race, Phoenix race (immortals), Unicorn, Centaurs, among a few others... of course there will be humans and animal companions as well. Come over to our little kingdom until then...

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