School Project: La Here Picture

I'm in a program in school where, when you're in the last year, you make a ''personnal project''. It can be anything, from organisation to art or litterature. I choosed to do a set of five watercolor paintings of unique mythological creature from Québec. I was sure we didn't had much mythological creatures but I was wrong, there was A LOT to choose from.

So, this is the first one of the five, a creature called ''La Hère''.
Nobody really know what it look like since everyone who had a good look of it, disapeared without trace like the ones who tried to hunt it. The only thing everyone who got a glimpse of it agree on is the fact it have a long fluffy red tail. The myth said that La Hère is either a creature created by the Devil to torment humankind or the last of a unknown specie. It is also said that the only time the creature let someone see it is once every 50 years, during a very dark night and a very strong storm.

That creature is the most mysterious of all and little can be said about it. The next creature I'll do is one of the only creature that isn't dangerous. Really, Québec's mythology is filled with extremely dangerous or aggressive creatures. O-O

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