Peacock WIP Sketch Picture

This is totally unfinished, i mean even on skecth levels, how so you ask? Well this is only half of the picture, i have plans for the other half. I did this on a full A4 and i plan to do the other half on the same. I wanted to get a chance to really show detail.

So i am going to work of the other half soon, and add them together using photoshop. What is the other half going to be? Well you will have to wait and see, but lets say they are linked to peacocks in some myths.

I just wanted to post this now since i am quite pleased with it. Even though it took ages to clean up because of all my lines.

Peacocks though are normally really lucky for me as well, every-time i see a peacock feather something really good happens to me. I also really like all the mythology behind them too.

There is a reason i also drew her looking backwards too, because old drawings drew peacocks looking backwards because it was seen as a sign of renewal since every year they get a new plumage of feathers.

Yes i know the prettier coloured peafowl are male, but oddly enough their is a lot of spiritual reference of peacocks/ peafowl being female.

Plus it will make sense when you see the second half of the picture.

Sorry about the long artist comments. If you have got this far, thanks for reading.
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