Antique Beasts - Drac Picture

Hi everyone!! I'm starting a new series of cute monster-pets, just in time for Halloween!

I'm calling this set Antique Beasts - the theme is essentially unknown monsters. My idea is to display mythological creatures and gods that are not very well known. They may have been prominent cultural figures in their own time, but for whatever reason, have been mostly forgotten in modern culture and are not often portrayed in movies/games/comics/etc. I'm planning to make a few cute, pet-like versions of some rare beasties, and then share a bit of information about them!

I'm calling this one Drac!
Drac is the word for Dragon in some languages, (derived from the Latin draco) but dragons today are depicted very differently than they were years ago. Dragons were originally thought of as winged snakes, not like lizards. This was because of the religious connection between snakes and evil - in fact, "drac" can refer to both a dragon and the devil. Dragons with legs only began to emerge during the Middle Ages. One could argue that the discover of dinosaur fossils has fundamentally altered our vision of what a dragon might look like.

And while we most often think of dragons as fire-breathing and living in caves, in antiquity they were most commonly thought of as massive sea serpents. This led to the practice of drawing sea monsters in uncharted areas of maps, and the phrase "here be dragons" to denote that those waters were unexplored and potentially dangerous.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this and enjoy the info - this kind of topic always interests me ~ I really like folklore and mythology of all sorts. If you like the theme, and if you have a request for a certain creature or myth, PLEASE comment! I'd LOVE to hear some ideas and learn about folklore I haven't heard of before! Next time, it will be a completely different creature from a completely different place!

Artwork and concept by M. Phonesavanh - please credit if you share! Thanks!
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