Viking fylkning or shield wall Picture

Fylkning or skjoldborg is the norwegian words for shieldwall. It was a military formation used by the vikings. All the guys in the front line would overlap each others shields and create an nearly unbreakeble wall of defence. In order to keep the formation you would need a great amount of physical strenght, but also lack of fear. When two shieldwalls collided there was a huge "pushing contest". The formation that broke first- either by being crushed by the enemy's strenght, or by men abanding their positions because of fear- lost. When the formation were crushed the battle was practically over, and the fleeing army would be slaughtered.

I know these vikings aren't standing in a shieldwall right now, but give them 5 seconds and they have their deadly formation ready.

My drawing is made while looking at another drawing ( Mount and Blade: Warbands), so I take no credit for that. (… )

And if you happen to wonder why they don't have any horns: Vikings did not have horns. It is a stupid myth that was made up later. Besides, horns on your helmet would not cause anything else than problems for you on the battlefield.
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