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Katsu's a little overdramatic.

And before anyone says it, YES, I KNOW he's wearing an "Inuyasha necklace" which its actually NOT. If you see it in color those are crescent jade beads, that style of neckwear was supposedly common to the Jomon Era. The manga he's from (and Momo too) takes place in a Mythological version of ancient Japan (kind of like how Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is rooted more in myth) and its not set in any one particular era but draws from a few specific ones (Heien and Sengoku mostly). Katsu is a half-demon who was sealed away with a tribe of demons for 100 years, so I wanted his clothes to look "dated" or "out of place".

Luckily my "Bishoujo Around the World" HTDM book had samples of clothes from the Jomon Era, I.E. early-ass Japan. I looked into it as much more I could and devised Katsu's outfit.

And yes I know Momo being Chinese and a Ninja is weird, but he came to Japan as a child to be trained under a specific Ninja dude who opened a school to a very select few. So yeah.. shaddup! S'my comic!

Also over the years I've tried to make cool names or pun names, and they probably make no sense because I don't know enough about either Japanese or Chinese, so just ignore them x_X
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