Family Picture

Name: Lainbow
Age: Young adult
Pony: Pegasus
Born: Beginning of Fall
Gender: Mare
Cutie mark: Paint palate with Primary and secondary colours
Story on Cutie mark: Cutie mark Represents her love and talent for colour coordination and combinations
Family: Grew up in Fillydelphia working and living in a mane styling shop owned by her grandmother. Married Hazy Ambience soon after moving to Ponyville, and had a colt named Rauma with Hazy.
Occupation: Owner and stylist in her Mane and Tail cutting, styling, and dying shop in Ponyville
Personality: She is extremely eccentric, overly polite with ponies that she doesn't know, and very open about herself. Also, she is somewhat vain, however she believes everypony is beautiful as well.
Fun Fact(s): She adores to sing, but she is tone deaf and ponies run when she opens her mouth. She isn't usually flying, she really only flies when frightened.

Name: Hazy Ambience
Age: Young adult
Pony: Unicorn
Magic Color: Amber
Born: End of Summer
Gender: Stallion
Cutie mark: The astrological virgo the virgin sign
Story on Cutie mark: His knowledge of astrological mythology, Virgo representing his own birth
Family: Grew up in Ponyville while is family of parents, sister, and brother lived in Canterlot. Married Lainbow and had Rauma with her.
Occupation: Financial adviser to the Mane and Tail styling shop in Ponyville and he is a pianist
Personality: He is pessimistic and has little confidence in himself. He doesn't recognize his own talents. However, he is very family oriented, looks to please his superiors, and does his best at everything he tries.
Fun Fact(s): Even though he studies astrological mythology as his special talent- he doesn't believe in any myths or ponytales, even ones that occur close to home.

Name: Rauma (Also known as Ranma)
Age: Baby
Pony: Winged Unicorn/alicorn
Magic Color: Peach
Born: Middle of Summer
Gender: Colt
Cutie mark: N/A
Story on Cutie mark: N/A
Family: His parents are Lainbow and Hazy Ambience.
Occupation: N/A
Personality: Quiet, dreamy, tired
Fun Fact(s): Sleeps constantly

<3 Lovu lovu Lovu~! Hahahaha, isn't my cute lil' pony family just the sweetest?
Lil' baby alicorn ranma. BAW'!!! Takes after his papa XD

I only have the lineart for the baby available for you to color in my gallery.
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