Loki and Sigyn Picture

Still on my Norse myth-Muudian style kick. And I can't draw braids.

Loki and his wife, Sigyn. If there's a backstory for these two in the myths, I don't know it.

In the Muudian version, the "Aesir" aren't gods, but immortal and highly powerful beings who inspired the gods. They are the children of the gods and will, one day, ascend to godhood themselves, but for now they are just demigods. Except Loki, who is a true god, albeit a lesser one who was forgotten by most mortals and left behind when the gods left. Or is he? Only Odin knows who he really is, and made him his blood brother to keep him close.

But Odin is also very fond of the Trickster (which is how Loki gets away with so. much. shit.) and tries to keep him happy. So Odin gets him a wife when he's feeling down.

Sigyn "knew" Loki previously and has no problem with this idea. She's used to the fact he comes and goes as he pleases without a word and, strangely, encourages his odd friendship with Thor. She's not one of the Aesir, or a god, or a giant... What she is is a really stupid story in itself.

Either way, their story ends just as sadly as the myths do, except they aren't together. Loki is bound underground and Sigyn is left not knowing what ever happened to him. By the time Loki frees himself some centuries later, she's long gone.
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