untitled as of yet little!Loki and little!Thor fic Picture

So this is going to be a multichapter story which in my mind is part of a series (but who knows if I'll get that far haha). Okay, really long explanation time:

So you may have noticed that in the movie Thor it says Loki was born in the year 965, and then calculating Loki's age at "31" in the year 2012 (since that's Tom's age) that would mean Asgardians (and Frost Giants) age approximately 1 year for every 34 years they live. And that would mean that in the year 1200, when a lot of the Norse myths were written down, Loki would only have been "7." This made me think about a lot of the Norse myths, which were supposedly inspired by the real life Asgardians, and I sort of imagined what they would have been like with Loki and Thor as young kids (obviously, not all of the myths would work, because obviously a lot of them are inconsistant with movie canon and other stuff). But anyways, one of the myths talks about how Odin used to go down to Midgard all the time back in the old days and tell the humans tales of Asgard and share his wisdom and stuff. So I thought, maybe Odin used to tell stories about his kids, and these were distorted and embellished until they became the myths we read today. (And then some were just made up by the humans.) So that's basically what this maybe-series is going to be, the "real" stories about Loki and Thor as kids that inspired some of the Norse myths. Even though they were written down in the year 1200, this takes place in 1250 because reasons. It's an approximate date anyway and I DO WHAT I WANT
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