AoM Amaterasu Picture

This is another unit for Age of Mythology, now it's Amaterasu's turn to show up on this game, sadly there is no new model for her, instead I used the Fenris Wolf myth unit again as a base which I think is good enough

I created the weapons and the things that are not part of the original model in 3d and attached them to the wolf, some of her attacks can be seen in the pic

Ammy's special effects are really good to see and are close to her original counterpart.

Amaterasu's textures (most of the textures and references were from here DA) Credits:

-Lithe Fider
-sodabottle doodlebug

Edit: Almost forgot, If you have AoM this unit can be downloaded from here in the Modpacks section.

AoM Heaven [link]

Amaterasu © Capcom, Clover Studios
New models to AoM and Ammy's texture -> FoxSpiritG
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