Power Rangers Genesis Picture

Part of Galactic Pirates Proj. [(P.S. I will never accept Super Megaforce as the 20th) P.P.S. I suck at making helmets]

This is a re-vamp of one of the hijacked powers for this idea of mine. Power Rangers Genesis taking cues from Changeman and the latest Sentai, Kyoryuger.

Originally I was just gonna keep the Genesis Army team but I decided against it... but it's mythological beasts theme did give me the idea of what you see here.

They are as follows: Black Cerberus (represented with one head), White Unicorn, Red Dragon (one of two remaining from the original Changeman/Genesis Army), Pink Phoenix (the other remaining), and Blue Salamander (the myth one that breathes fire)

And yes... there is a sixth... but he'll be in another image

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