Modi, Thrudd, and Magni: Thor's Kids Picture

For such a rough sketch, this is probably the most time and effort I've put into a pic in years, at least partially due to wanting to get SOME kind of idea what these characters look like, because I've been sitting on the idea behind them for ages.

Mythology lesson: in Norse mythology, Thor actually had three children. The oldest (and hardest to find info about) is Modi, Patron God of Berzerkers; the youngest and best known is little Magni, God of Strength, who once, as a toddler, lifted a dead giant off of his dad that THE ENTIRE NORSE PANTHEON WORKING TOGETHER couldn't budge (look up the myth, it's funny as Hel). So, basically, he was a toddler stronger than Galactus.

In the middle, literally and age-wise, is Thrudd, Thor's daughter, whose story is the basis of what I designed these three for. According to myth, Thrudd was betrothed to the King of the Trolls for political reasons, something neither she nor her immediate family wanted but were initially helpless to prevent. Eventually, they figured out the way around it by making her a Valkyrie, who are sworn to a life of perpetual virginity, which is kinda counter to what the Troll King wanted a wife for...

The story idea I've had, but have been unable to build upon thus far, was that this wedding arrangement was made years in advance, and that Thrudd and her brothers learned about while still young. Thrudd, not wanting to be the Troll Queen, decides to run away to Midgard and, because they're good brothers, Modi and Magni decided to run away with her...of course, the human world isn't quite the same as it was back when their dad hung around there.

While my most common idea involves superheroes, the idea of aging the kids down to "80s Spielberg movie" levels and doing what my son referred to as "Avengers meets 'Calvin & Hobbes'" is almost too good to resist.

For the record, I have been doing a "Thor's Daughter" character in one form or another since the early 90s, although I only recently learned he ACTUALLY had one; my version was named Sigrid Tordenkopf, aka "Thunderhead," and she typically ran with my teen/college-age heroes. Mind you, he could have had more kids after the myths stopped being written.
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