The Giver of Life Picture

Ok I have always had a fascination with Egypt, specifically Egyptian mythology and art... so I felt like doing something Egyptian. This image is my portrayal of the Goddess Isis. She is probably one of the most recognized Egyptian Goddesses. She had many immense powers, and was called "The Giver of Life" and "Goddess of Magic" (because of her ability to give and take life). Isis was well liked, because unlike the other Egyptian goddesses, she spent time amongst her people. She would teach the women many important skills as well as" to tame men enough to live with them!"
This image was created mostly from stock that I found here at da. So thanks a million to the stock photographers who so kindly post their work for us to use!
Edited with: Adobe Photoshop 7
Stock used:
Woman - by ~BeautyDivine-Stock
Nefertiti Bust - by ~lured2stock
Egyptian Pictures - by ~ ForestFairy-Stock
Pedestal - by ~cerealkilla316
Wall Texture - by ~poison-stock112
Again, thanks to the stock artists for letting me use their images!
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