The Morrigan and her Murder Picture

This is my entry to lindowyn-stock's contest for Irish deities. Since I'm in Ireland right now and taking a class that focuses alot on Irish folklore/myths (it's an Irish language class, but we are learning the history behind the language as well, which includes the mythology) I knew that I couldn't NOT enter this contest.

Explanation: So I don't have access to photoshop, thus the lack of photo manipulation, which seems to be the popular medium in this contest, but even if I had access to photoshop I probably still wouldn't have done a manip. Anyway, I also don't have access to a scanner, so this is a just a photo of the image that I took with my digital camera. I'll probably scan it when i'm back in the states at the end of the semester and when I will have access to my normal computer. Ohh, I miss my computer, I know it's dumb, but I do.

The Morrigan

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