Preciousbones Picture

My OC, Zuo.
Character info:
- some kind of demon/demonic creature from 'somewhere between the worlds', between the world of Gods and Earth
- Grotesque mix of gods and demons known from many forgotten religions and myths (an example, is anthromorphic like many ancient egyptian gods but is keen on bloody rituals like the aztec mythology ones)
- Usually uses any gaps bewteen the worlds, made when some amateur occultist tries to summon him or any other demon/god/ghost
- Rituals of summoning or sacrifices are bloody.
- Rapes and abuses people at night.
- Most of the time he spends in human world, he is invisible. But people, especially the more sensitive ones can feel him being close, by feeling extremelly upset, scared of something unknown, nervous. That's why his presence sometimes causes some mental illness.
Those black swirls are his evil halo.
- As said before, is invisible most of the time. But he has also shadow form and human form he hates to use (young, skinny lady, optionally hermaphrodite). Sometimes, (especially in people's dreams) he uses any variants of human/anthromorphic form.
- Has a weak point to skulls, bones etc. Finds skinny people really atractive.

Appearance, in general:
-That thing on his skinny neck are human spinal bones and his 'crown' is made of ribs and skull sticked together with golden spider web alike thing.
- About 2.30-2.40 metres tall.
- Ears 'expression' like regular canine.
- His eyes are blank and black, eyelids - sometimes stitched
Oh so skinny, oh so sweet, unless your poor butt gets raped.

watercolour and gimp 2.0
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