Feathered Serpent - Mayan god Picture

瑪雅神話 "Feathered Serpent" (羽蛇神) Kukulkan
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Mayan Mythology, Feathered Serpent God - Kukulkan
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This Mayan Feathered Serpent God name Kukulan, in Aztec it name Quetzlocatl. At the ancient time there are "serpent god" around the world nations. Degei is a Fiji god, Hindiu is Naga, China there are FuXi and LuWo (male and female half human serpent gods), Sobek from Egypt (some say it has a snake head while some say crocodile), Ancient Aegan area there's a Glycon, Ancient Greek "Typhon", and even the myth first king Cecrops I is a half snake man, before Islam go to Middle east, Iran have a good name "Zahhak" which also is a snake looking god

這個瑪雅的羽蛇神叫 Kukulkan, Aztec 就叫Quetzalcoatl,在古時很多世界各地的神話不約而同地出現“蛇神”,Fiji 的Degei, 印度教的Nāga,中國的伏羲和女禍、埃及的Sobek(蛇或有說是crocodile頭),古時愛琴海域的Glycon神,希臘的Typhon是蛇神也是“怪物之首”,希臘傳說第一皇Cecrops I是半蛇人,還有伊朗在伊斯蘭教入主前傳說的Zahhak
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